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  • The Geology Department of Science College is one of the youngest departments in the Faculty of Science. The PG teaching in Geology was started in 1946 and then the department was in wheeler senate house. With the establishment of a chair called "Tata Professor of Geology" by Messrs Tata & Sons Ltd. on the occasion of the Silver Jubliee celebrations of Patna University in November, 1946 the department was shifted to the Biology Block of Patna Science College. Geology teaching was started with a view to preparing trained personnel for exploring and exploring the vast mineral resources of the state. Since then the department has made significant contributions in the field of earth sciences and produced eminent geoscientists to man various organizations and institutions engaged in promotion of teaching, research and exploration activities in India and abroad.

    Undergraduate teaching in Geology was started in July 1949 under the headship of Late Dr. Raghujee Verma. However as he moved to Ranchi University The Department was Headed by Dr S N Wakhloo from 1949 dec till 1951. Dr D N Ojha became the Head of Geology Department , Patna Science College in 1951 and continued till 1952. Dr Raghujee Verma Came back to Geology Department in 1952 and remained head till his death in 1979.

  • List of Heads of the Department of Geology, Patna Science College

    Sr. No.
    Dr. Raghujee verma
    From march 1949 till nov 1949
    Dr. S. N. Wakhloo
    Dec. 1949 till 1951
    Dr. D. N. Ojha         
    1951 till 1952
    Dr. Raghujee Verma
    1952 till 1979
    Dr. D. N. Ojha
    1979 till 1985
    Dr. R. A. Mahto
    1985 till 1989
    Dr. Rajendra Singh
    1989 till 1997
    Dr. N. K. Singh
    1997 till 2005
    Dr. B. K. Mishra
    2005 till 2006
    Dr. V. S. Dube        
    2006 till 2011
    Dr. A. A. Pandey
    2011 till 2012
    Dr. M. N. Sinha
    2012 till 2016
    Dr. B. K. Mishra
    2016 till date

    The department is presently housed in a modern three storied building wih all modern teaching amenities  and presently teaching of  B.Sc Honours course with intake of 65 students in each of the three years imparted. Our results have been consistently of high standard and After doing B.Sc Geology Honours there are several avenues for employment like UPSC, BPSC, Bank service etc.

    However B.Sc Hons students go for M.Sc In Geology in Patna University or Other Universities in India. After which the jobs in Geology and Related field are immense.

    Besides Honours subsidiary paper is also very favourite among students of both biology and math groups.

    The department also provides certificate and diploma in vocational course in GIS. The department is going to start soon more vocational course as add on or full degree course in Disaster Management and Environmental Geology .

    The Department has  highly qualified teachers and teachers from P.G. Department also take regular classes in under graduate classes. Most of the teachers are conducting research and have research projects for furthering the knowledge of geology.

    The following is the list of teachers of Geology Department

    Sr. No. Name Designation
    1. Dr. B. K. Mishra   Professor and Head of Department
    2. Dr. A. A. Pandey  Associate Professor
    3. Dr. Rabindra Kumar Associate Professor
    4. Dr. Anil Kumar   Associate Professor
    5. Shri D. P. Sinha Demonstrator

    The following are the teachers of PG department who take classes in UG

    Sr. No. Name Designation
    1. Dr V S Dube  Professor and Head of PG department
    2. Dr Ramesh Shukla Professor
    3. Dr A K Gupta   Associate Professor
    4. Dr Seema jamuar Assistant Professor
      The department has four laboratories and two lecture theatres. Besides there is world class museum and state of arts Conference room. The department Has its own power generator and a nice garden in the front with ample parking space for cars.

    Other supporting employee of the department are

    1. Sri Anil Kumar
    2. Sri Vijay Kumar
    3. Sri Awadhesh
    4. Sri Mithilesh singh
    5. Sri Sikandar
    6. Sri Jeetendra
    7. Sri Gautam Kumar

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